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Washington Redskins
« on: February 10, 2014, 09:00:48 AM »
Should this American football team change change its name? Should they be legally forced to?

Here are opposing views:

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Personally I think it is a trivial non-issue used to manufacture controversy and race bait, but that's just me. Most Native Americans don't even seem to be bothered according to some polls, and this name's been used for 80 years without issue, it has only been made a big deal out of recently which is why I'm not buying it.

The term "redskin" isn't even inherently insulting. Dictionaries online define it as "usually" or "often" a racial slur, it is not universally a racial slur and has been used in neutral, descriptive, non-racist ways. Context is everything. Even for more overt racial slurs, you'll never hear a single of these social justice warriors argue that NWA ("Niggaz Wit Attitudes") should change its name or teams that have "Yankees" in it (which seems comparable to redskin, it may or may not be offensive).

I do however think it's a big issue to force any private entity to change its name. People remember the brand name and logo. I mean, shit, some people even get payed large amounts of money just to tattoo a logo to their forehead. It's likely that any such forced change would lead to some kind of loss of profits and just create confusion. I don't think victim culture should be encouraged. Maybe one day Microsoft will be forced to name change because it's "offensive" to men with small penises who are impotent.

Just saying...

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Re: Washington Redskins
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2014, 09:42:39 AM »
1 They suck so not many really care
2 Brian already gave us a full page rant on this very subject
3 See number 1
The real burning question is whether every Democrat should demand a full refund of every penny Bill ever raised because he got a blowjob as president. :shock:
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