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Mount McKinley Gets Smaller
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Mount McKinley, as well as a good part of Alaska, has been resurveyed, and the old height of 20,320 feet calculated back in 1952 turns out to be only 20,237 feet.  It used to be a big deal for scrappy mountaineers to climb that peak, but now I guess just about any wuss could climb it.  Well, there's a lot of land up there, much of it seldom used, although Denali Park, home to McKinley is extremely popular.  Well, as popular as things get in Alaska, anyway.

But what I found unusual in this article was the following statement:

While the new radar-compiled data shows a difference between the 1952 measurement and the new measurement, the USGS "takes no position in favor of either elevation," the agency said.

 :wtf:   It's your survey!  Is it accurate or not?  Me?  I prefer the old measurement.  In fact, they ought to make it a few feet higher, just to make it more challenging for climbers.

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Re: Mount McKinley Gets Smaller
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Boy howdy. After climbing 20,000+ feet, that last 83 feet is a bitch. Lost it? Next time somebody brags to me about scaling McKinley, which has happened like never, I will certainly throw that in their face.