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Re: Multi party system
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It would be madness, though. Nobody would actually read all those, which means you'd need to rely on what few people actually have the time to read all of it to tell you which things you consider important enough to vote for, and people would have in some part an option to secretly push jurisdiction through if they can get what few people actually read this stuff to not spread it.

Still, it would probably be possible to build something better than what most countries have now. But there's a bunch of things you'd have to be really careful about.
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Re: Multi party system
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I didn't say that it's a practical idea, just that it's technically feasible.  In 1776 it wasn't possible to count all the votes and get them to one central place in a week, let alone in a day.  Today it's just about possible to get everyone's vote on everything Congress votes on - votes can be placed and tallied in moments.

It's not even practical for Congress to vote on the number of bills they vote on now.  Most congresspeople have aids who analyze bills and tell their bosses what the bills mean - in one sentence.  The congresspeople don't know enough about most of the subjects to understand the bill itself (which is usually written by the industry the bill affects) - which is why we have votes for bills that make global warming worse, and other atrocities.
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