Author Topic: Scientific Method and Moral Behavior  (Read 931 times)

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Scientific Method and Moral Behavior
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There is little doubt that science is value-laden. Allegiances to theories and ideologies can skew the kinds of hypotheses tested and the methods used to test them. These, however, are errors in the application of the method, not the method itself.

the association between science and morality is so ingrained that merely thinking about it can trigger more moral behavior

Hmm. Interesting results, but not sure on the methodology. So basically the CONCEPT of science leads to moral behavior?  :-k

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Re: Scientific Method and Moral Behavior
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In science sound and critical thinking gets results, and the same thinking makes one realize what one doesn't want done to himself shouldn't be done to other sentient creature even if you want to emotionally. The Golden Rule has been around before religion even existed or we would have all died out by now in my opinion or not.  8-)  Solitary
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