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I'm glad you chose to join our forum, Antyla. I'm impressed by your candor. I hope being here is helpful to you.
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Quote from: "Antyla"
You guys toughen things up way too much, just keep it simple. Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. <-- that's from Wikipedia, now I'm not saying that Wikipedia is completely reliable but we can at least take in into consideration.
The rejection of belief, not the rejection of the existence of a god.  There's a HUGE difference.  One relates solely to belief, the other relates solely to knowledge.

Q: is there a god

A Chill Boss Atheist: Nah...
Sorry, but "is there" has nothing to do with atheism.  It's not toughening things up too much, any more than "water" means "Pepsi".

As the German legend, Albert E, said; 'If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough'
Simply, atheism deals with belief, agnosticism deals with making statements about existence.  That's pretty simple.

There's a difference between simple, simplistic and wrong.

(You may be an atheist and ALSO say that there is no god, but that doesn't make atheism be about the existence of a god.)
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To add to what Colanth said, atheism, as defined in most atheist forums, is more of a neutral position:

[center:kusdj52x]Belief that a god exits   ---   No Belief   ---  Belief that god does not exist[/center:kusdj52x]

Since no one can prove one way or the other, most of us are in the middle.  We don't know or don't care.  We are not committed to a belief one way or the other.  We are, in fact, neutral.  Not all of us, but most of us.  It's common for Christians to believe there are only two positions in the above scale (for or against), but that's a fallacy of the excluded middle.  

What may confuse them is that we are most definitely against a lot of things.  For example, running our government on religious principles.  That gets us all hot under the collar.  We bitch about it and get quite negative, and I admit we sometimes sound like we are damn sure that a god doesn't exist.  Actually, what we are committed to is pressing theists to show us that their religious beliefs are universally correct and in everyone else's best interests.  Since they can't, they often end up getting angry.  And since they can't think straight to begin with, they make unwarranted assumptions about what our position really is.

The opposite of a specific belief is not just a different belief, it's no belief.

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Quote from: "Antyla"
Quote from: "Plu"
Welcome to the forums :)

What part of the world are you from?

I was born in Belgium, currently in New York.

So, you live in the same boring hell pit (metaphorically speaking)? I am over in Albany.
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