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   People believe this stuff?  E15 has been in my cars tanks for years now and its not acting any different than ever before. People will see this and yet they go forward with these smear campaigns any way, why bother?

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Re: Big Oil Tells More Lies About Ethanol, Only Idiots Belie
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1) Cars can be designed to use almost any combustible fuel without being damaged.  We might have to phase in a new fuel gradually, so that most of the cars that can't use it are off the road by the time the old fuel becomes totally unavailable.  Or we might have to provide a means of running the old cars on the new fuel.  (It happened with unleaded gas.)

2) Using corn-derived ethanol just exchanges one problem for another.  It causes the cost of food to go up.  (Much of what we eat these days uses corn syrup solids for sweetening.  Use a lot of corn for ethanol and corn for other uses becomes more expensive.)

3) Burning ethanol doesn't really solve many problems.  CO[sup:2l99paoi]2[/sup:2l99paoi] (which burning any fuel creates) is a greenhouse gas.  The answer isn't ethanol instead of gasoline, it's MUCH better mileage or reducing overall pollution.  (Charging electric car batteries with electricity derived from burning coal doesn't reduce pollution.)

Would I trust Big Oil to ignore profits and do legitimate research - and report the results whatever they are?  Not unless I develop full-on Alzheimer's.  Christianity has one thing right - by their fruits shall ye judge them.  And their fruits say that they'll sacrifice ANYTHING for profit.
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