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Re: Atheists The Most Feared Group In America (?)
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Quote from: "aitm"
The reason is far simpler than many suggest, imo. When you tell everyone and their dog that you believe in something, even if in the back of your mind you understand it to be a mite on the bull-shit side, it would be real embarrassing for you to find out you have been made an idiot. Now take an entire country, and show them how stupid they are? Meh. Its all about being embarrassed about being wrong and not being able to prove you're right. They have justification right now only by numbers, its a battle you can fight with education and reason, but as you have seen trying it by force is a long battle.
The first time I read or even heard of the Emperor's New Clothes was maybe in the third or fourth grade.  I was enchanted with the story.  It might be my first recollection of understanding a metaphor, although I certainly would not have known the word at the time.  I realized that it could apply to many situations, but my first thought was that the author was making a statement about belief in a god.

There's something to be said for going with your original instincts.  Not all the time, of course, but there's a warning there about getting carried away with nonsense.  Grownups were falling all over themselves trying to make a falsehood into a truth.  But to the little boy, the fool was naked.  But I don't recall him putting down the adults for their nonsense.  I just remember him exclaiming, "The King is naked!"  I still love that story.

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Re: Atheists The Most Feared Group In America (?)
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You know.. I'm kind of glad these fools fear my atheism. I'm not a real intimidating guy, but if they want to fear me then great! We should capitalize on that fear because fear does indeed sell. I should write a book, 'Fear Me Motherfuckers For I Don't Buy Your Bull!'
It'll sell millons of copies and the federal government will put me in witness protection. :)
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Re: Atheists The Most Feared Group In America (?)
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Santorum admits that being called a bigot because of his own stupidity and hatred of gays is a badge of honor. Why should I think anything less of my atheism? People being morbidly afraid of a group of people that don't see fit to preach to them day in and day out is fucking rich.
It took science to do what people imagine God can do.

"The closer you are to God the further you are from the truth."
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Re: Atheists The Most Feared Group In America (?)
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All theists believe that doing what their sect believes is a badge of honor - even if what they're doing is despicable to sane people.  If they didn't, they wouldn't be members of that sect.
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Re: Atheists The Most Feared Group In America (?)
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I take offense to the idiot Theist in the the first page with the "NO your not smarter because you don't just believe in a invisible friend for adults in fact your not smarter than me at all" aditude. You are stupid if you believe in some thing solely because you believe in it.  Look I will break it down.
 You have no rational basis, but you go on doing it any way. That is not being smart. If I turn the cold knob on the sink *believing* that I will get hot water, then I am an stupid. If you continue doing then I will be completely justified in thinking you are an Idiot.

Theist have their religious conventions to fall back on when life presents a problem. Not so with Atheist's, once you make that first mental leap  you must continue using logic and as long as you do that then even Catholicism seems as dumb as the hunter gatherer tribes general worshiping of the wild animals and every thing else around them religion.  
  When life presents a Atheist a problem we must figure it out, use our brains and come to a solution. Other wise the problem will keep presenting its self and if my own personal experience is any thing to go on. It will be worse, Ignoring the drout that is now encompassing my state for example. If your a Theist farmer and your fall back position is "just Pray and hope God will help" then you will get no rain, no crops, no money and you will run out of options.  An Atheist Farmer would conclude the drout would indeed continue and he would have to move to a area with better conditions before practicing his trade.  
    One has their brain in the "Off mode" the other has their brain in the "On Mode" but both are suppose to be equal in intelligence? I don't think so.


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