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It is best to have a heart and a head, but if you have to have only one, the heart is better than the head.

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You don't like head?
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I saw the final episode. It was pretty amazing, but they made one flaw in the final episode that won't ever be resolved.

So ashi used her powers, the same as her father aku, to send her and jack back to the past, and kill aku, so preventing akus dark future from occurring. This though meant without aku, ashi was never born, and she vanishes from existence.

Just one problem. If ashi was the one to teleport jack back to the past to kill aku, and thus erasing herself from existence, how then could she have existed in the future to send jack back, if she didn't exist?

This created a paradox, one we're never get an explanation for.
A time portal permits one to travel to the past.  Ashi had that ability through her father Aku.  If you have the ability to go to the past, it must mean you can exist there for "some" time.  Her time was used as the timestream adjusted (coff, coff). 

Beyond that, best to just let it go. We aren't talking real science here.  ;)
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