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Will have to take your word for it :p

Dutch (flemish) dub is pretty good too, but still prefer atla in english'

LOL, yeah. Turkish does not sound like Arabic. It sounds a bit similar to Finnish as sound. This could give you an idea.

I think it could be related to good diction too. Best voice actors are the actors with traditional theatre training, they almost all have better diction than the rest. But then diction would change according to the language too. Nah...scratch that.
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Re: Anime Thread!
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Even if you are a sub over dub kinda weeb, please watch this in dub. The english voice actors are so great and do such an amazing job.
Hearing the japanese actors speak broken english during moments that they are supposed to come across as badass, however, just doesn't work.
Thank you!  I generally prefer dubs, but it's very much situational and I dislike it when people take an absolute stand on it (I get "man of one book" vibes from purists sometimes).   Sometimes, the dub is rubbish and subs are the way to go.  Sometimes, it's the other way around.  Ideally, I prefer a quality dub that's faithful to the source material, though that's not easy or even possible with new releases.