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Same.  Though it'd be extremely easy to get carried away and to strike out at lesser and lesser targets.  It'd take a saint to wield that with proper restraint.

Yeah, the problem with it is that it's power corrupts. When Light gives up the DN he doesn't think himself possible of doing all those things either. But once he has the power...
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Just out of curiosity, how many of you would use a Death Note if it fell into your possession one day? Personally, I would definitely make use of it, but my methods would be very different from Light's. I would never use it on the police or the innocent, but I'd limit my killings to people the world would be better without, such as Kim Jong Un. I wouldn't purposefully bring attention to myself. I'd also make the times of death very random, and my targets would be from all over, to make my location harder to pin down.

Kim Jong Un for sure.  Maybe Putin.  Maybe that annoying groundhog under the toolshed...
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