Author Topic: Colin Powell Dies of Covid at 84  (Read 424 times)

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Re: Colin Powell Dies of Covid at 84
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It's a common tactic among Trumpers to downplay covid (since it made Daddy Don look bad) by falsely claiming that covid deaths are inflated due to people with underlying health problems dying from covid.  Apparently, covid deaths only count if you're 100% healthy and get done in exclusively by that.

But I've got news for those dumbasses: infectious disease has ALWAYS disproportionately killed people already in bad health.  FFS, that's the main reason we've worn masks for months.  How the F do people forget basic stuff like that?

It's a bullshit argument put forth by people who think JFK jr is still alive and think the demon sperm lady is a better doctor than Fauci.  Absolute clownshoes.
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