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Trump's Biggest Public Appearance Since His Presidency
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NYT Sept. 12, 2021

Triller, a social video app that is a much less popular version of TikTok, put on a pay-per-view fight between a 58-year-old Evander Holyfield (who hasn’t fought in a decade) and a 44-year-old mixed martial artist, Vitor Belfort — and paid former President Donald J. Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to serve as live commentators, all on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The result of the (legally) professional fight is mostly beside the point — Belfort won by a technical knockout in the first round, after the referee stopped the bout because of how clear it was that Holyfield never should have been allowed into the ring.

Triller announced that Trump and Trump Jr. would provide commentary during the fight. The next day, Lampley (an actual professional ring announcer), objecting to the presence of the Trumps even though they were to be on a separate commentating stream, pulled out.

That is how Triller’s big summer showcase became three hours of Trump recalling different boxers he’d known and been friends with, before two depressing top bouts, both over in the first round, each of which featured one washed-up fighter beating another.

“They say there is a lot of people watching,” the former president said with a smile between fights. “I can’t imagine why.” The night was one of Trump’s highest-profile, and lengthiest, public appearances since leaving office, and a fairly rare event in light of his suspension from a number of social media sites.
Apparently no word about the state of the nation.

As a side note, several other fights with different combatants had been scheduled for months, but kept being postponed because one fighter or another was in the hospital with Covid 19.  Boxing just ain't the same since Ali and Smokin' Joe.
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Re: Trump's Biggest Public Appearance Since His Presidency
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He's a fucking tool. The fact that he has to go dredging for announcer gigs at 3rd? rate boxing matches after being PotUS tells you more about his need for attention than anything else. I doubt that it will ever happen, but the thing I would like to see most is him in an orange jump suit, as prisoner #45. Though, tbh, I'd rather not see that visage ever again in my life, tyvm.