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Doing all we can to avert a climate disaster
« on: July 04, 2021, 10:45:21 AM »
The ocean is on fire right now, so I have to ask, are you guys doing everything you can to avert a climate disaster?  Are you recycling?  Driving a low-emissions vehicle?  Do you set your AC to turn on at 88F?  Have you tried taking shorter showers?  Cause we're all in this together and we all have to do our part to create a more beautiful, livable world!  *camera pans to enormous oil spills, vast oil sands, ceaseless smoke billowing from "clean" coal plants, decades-long underground coal seam fires, and industrial runoff flowing directly into rivers*

Re: Doing all we can to avert a climate disaster
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The average person is busy being themselves and our leaders must placate large swaths of these persons. As life becomes unbearable only then we will start being serious about change. Unfortunately, global weather and the atmosphere have significant momentum.

I heard fireworks in the middle of a thunderstorm last night. The United States of Idiots or Will Smith will not be saving the world this time.

Re: Doing all we can to avert a climate disaster
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There is nothing to do on an individual level. Even if there was, it would be a little percentage of what can be averted.

I have a shower lessser than five minutes but there are a big industry that pollute trillions litres of water, so who to blame?

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Re: Doing all we can to avert a climate disaster
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It would matter a lot more if it weren't waaaay offset by corporate "accidents".

I read a little about the coal seam fires.  In China, there are hundreds of ongoing fires and they alone account for about 1% of global emissions.  (If you're curious, the rest of the world's coal seam fires give another 2%, so we're already at 3% of global emissions before anyone does anything - we could all drive cars powered by friendship we'd still be at 3%)

Unless and until the corporate sector gets its act together, we're all on a one-day ticket to a worst-case climate scenario.

Re: Doing all we can to avert a climate disaster
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I think the war is already lose if governments and corporations refuse to do what must to be done because they are the first responsible.

A thing that must to be done is a malthusianist policy at a world scale. Less children = less climatic problems.

The problem is this is not possible because UN have 193 states members and states doesn't agree about many topics.
They will never make an agreement about birth control for many reasons and one of them is religion. Religion influence many world leaders.

There are states that doesn't control fully the territory that belong to them accorded to international law.
In some countries there are some parts who aren't under governmental control but under control of armed groups.

There are also places that are states de facto but not de jure accorded to international law and the law of the state recognized by UN who claim the de facto state is illegal.
For example Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic AKA Transnistria is de facto a state not recognized by UN and not recognized by any members of UN or any observer states of this organization.
Territory under control of this de facto state is accorded to international law and Moldovan law a territory of Republic of Moldova.
I'm not saying we must to support PMR (Only states not recognized by UN recognize it) or Moldova claim but just explaining the situation.

I advise you to read this article of Wikipedia about states with limited recognition :
An item of Wikipedia about armed groups controlling a territory :
Territorial disputes :

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Re: Doing all we can to avert a climate disaster
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I do recycle....but they just stopped taking glass....don't know why.and they insist I wash the for? they are going into a giant chipper and then a melting pot. Oh sure they are worried about flies...meh. You want more people recycling? Stop making them not want to.
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