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The Catholic Pedophile Scandal
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This video comes from the New York Times.  I hope it's available without a subscription.

While the story is old, here's is a video with the reporter who broke the story of pedophile priests about how breaking the story happens, and how many newspapers refused to print the story.  The movie Spotlight, tells the story also, but its nice to hear it directly from the actual person who was at its center.

One of the things that comes to my mind about breaking the story is how much of it was known long before any reporter ever put the first accounts into print.  As a little kid playing with my Catholic Friends 35 years before the story broke, the knowledge was out there.  My friends talked about this happening in the Chicago area, but we were less than 10 years old, and stories were laughed at as jokes.  Yes, there was something perverse and horrible about the jokes, but since no one was taking it seriously, including my friends parents, nothing happened until 35 years later in 1985.

I suppose parent's were dimly aware, but dimly because it's not something they wanted to face.  Now if Joe down the street did that to their kids, there would be an uproar, but when Men of God were doing it enough for it to become a standing joke, no one wanted to see it, but I suspect even parents must have been at least wondering about it.

There was a line in the movie Spotlight, describing how a pedophile priest comes to the house to defend the Church, and the mother baked him cookies.  The delivery of that line from an adult previously assaulted as a young boy, was so real, it brought back those memories of the stories I was told in 1950.  In fact lots and lots of people already knew about, including law enforcement people, and also thousands of kids knew about it first hand.
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Re: The Catholic Pedophile Scandal
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The RCC still maintains an immense amount of political power. Cardinal Mahoney in Los Angeles still isn't going to be prosecuted by the DA. Evidence of heinous behavior, in the transfer of offenders and sweeping it under the rug abounds. My wife just doesn't get that that is how the RCC runs their game. The Italian police raiding the Vatican because their bank was laundering money for the Mafia was complete news to her, and she was pretty upset, but remains unconvinced. She's still nominally Catholic. I finally admitted (to myself) that I was an atheist in 2001. The RCC is a criminal organization with deep ties to money sources, and supports what I call the World Wide Pedophile Ring. Disgusting.

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Re: The Catholic Pedophile Scandal
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Catholics act like they don't see a problem.  I think many of them certainly must, but they are afraid of being struck by lightning if they object too strongly.  OK that's an exaggeration.  It's more like fear of ostracism.