Author Topic: Tiny NC county bans Coke for "radical" anti-disenfranchisement stance  (Read 162 times)

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Officials in Surry County, N.C., have approved a measure mandating the removal of all Coca-Cola machines from government facilities after the company's stated opposition to an election law passed in Georgia.

In a letter written to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey and obtained by NBC News, Surry County Commissioner Ed Harris called Quincey's critical comments regarding the Georgia election bill "corporate political commentary favoring the Democratic party."
Interesting bit of subtext in the above: opposition to this disenfranchisement "favors the Democratic party" (Why?  Are voters more likely to favor Dem policies?) and conversely, disenfranchisement favors the Republican party.  Quite the admission there.

Harris, who is an elected official in a county former President Trump won in both 2016 and 2020, said Coca-Cola was proving it supports "the out-of-control cancel culture and bigoted leftist mob."
They want to cancel voting rights (as we saw on Jan 6th, some want to cancel voting rights in totality) and cancel companies who think that's awful, but they're opposed to "out-of-control cancel culture".  Sure, buddy.

If you ask me, these people absolutely love cancel culture (and attacking American democracy) they just don't like consequences coming their way, like flagging corporate support for voter suppression (people in general tend to not like that for some reason and corporations are people my friend)

Also, it's worth noting that their take-away isn't that the Republican Party went too far by outraging the sensibilities of loyal Americans with this voter suppression scheme, but that "the left" went too far in condemning it.  A perfect example of blaming others for your own actions.

"Michael Jordan once said 'Republicans buy sneakers too' when asked why he didn't make public comments about politics,"
Yep, and he also gave $100 million to charity to combat racial injustice.  So the real story is a tad more complex than just that famous off-the-cuff quip intended as a joke.

For people who might not be aware of this NC county - Surry County - which is everyone who wasn't born there, here's a few quick facts:
1) It's tiny.  We're talking less than 100,000 people in the whole county.  And what's worse, that number has declined somewhat, which tells me that they're not doing so hot.
2) 90% white
3) Its heavily Republican.  The last Democratic Presidential candidate to win that county was Jimmy Carter.  Big fans of Trump.

To sum up; potentially a sundown county.  Big shock that they're fans of Republican cancel culture tactics and election-rigging through voter suppression.
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Once again, Republicans prove that their one defining trait is their hypocrisy. I guarantee you, if the shoe were on the other foot, they'd be whining and moaning about cancel culture. They don't care about cancel culture. They just want to be able to say and do whatever stupid shit they want, without consequences.
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