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Everywhere I go, angus seems to be the new standard for beef.  I don't know about classy restaurants.  I top out on that scale somewhere around Applebees, or maybe the local bowling alley, but all the fast food joints are selling burgers that come from angus, or so they claim. Admittedly, Burger King, and MacDonalds are not the last word in quality beef.  There is no reason they should even try to be.  Everything they sell has been ground up into easily chewable glop that can be gummed down by the geriatric crowd.  What's left?  Flavor?

Is Angus that much better, or is it just the beef that is easiest to get?  In Montana, I don't recall angus being that popular with the ranchers, and they raise a lot of cows in Montana.  It has something to do with what type of cows hold up better to blizzards and other environmental idiosyncrasies of that state.  When I first got there it was White Faced Herefords.  They were everywhere including right in the middle of highways (yeah, I'm that old).  But some rancher figured out there were even better cold climate cows.  Of course the bottom line is which kind of cow makes the most money given the nature of the place.  I have Eastern Montana friends that raise something call Charolaise, pronounced shar-lay.  I suppose once they are ground up, no one cares that much.

But to get to the point, is angus better?  It sounds better, even though Angus sounds like it might be the name of some old guy in a rest home:  "Hey, Angus, we got a hot game of checkers going on over here."  Is it a better burger? or Steak?  Would you rather eat a burger made of ground up angus?  Can we even know that it's actually angus?

Sorry for the long post.  Things like this bother me.  I just need to know.

Gawdzilla Sama:
Marketing hype, endlessly. Kobe beef, on the other hoof...


--- Quote from: Gawdzilla Sama on April 29, 2021, 08:34:29 AM ---Marketing hype, endlessly. Kobe beef, on the other hoof...

--- End quote ---
Now that's a gourmet burger.  I like to eat at QVC joint, right off the interstate at exit 35, because I'm a gourmet.  All the gourmets hang out there.

Gawdzilla Sama:
Bison, if good quality, is hard to beat. I don't mind spending the extra $2/pound for it.

I've only had bison once as a hamburger.  Mine was dry.


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