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Boulder shooting, Colorado

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Mike Cl:

--- Quote from: GSOgymrat on April 01, 2021, 06:31:48 AM ---4 people, including a child, dead in shooting at Southern California office building; suspect injured

Four people, including a child, are dead after a suspect opened fire at an office building in Southern California, according to police.

Details were scarce late Wednesday regarding the incident in Orange, California, but Orange Police Department Lt. Jen Amat told reporters at the scene four people died and the suspect in the shooting was injured and taken to a local hospital and is in critical condition. Officers recovered one gun, she said.

One woman was injured and hospitalized in critical condition, Amat said. Both the woman and the suspect suffered gunshot wounds, Amat said. She added she didn't know if the suspect's wound "is self-inflicted or not."

There was no additional information about the suspect or the victims. Amat stressed there was no ongoing threat to the public and had no information about weapons found at the scene.

--- End quote ---
And The Beat Goes On..................................!!!!!


--- Quote ---Two weeks have passed since the three Atlanta-area spa shootings claimed the lives of eight people, and in that time at least 20 other mass shootings have taken place.

At least seven mass shootings occurred in the week between the attacks in Atlanta and in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. In the week that followed, that number more than doubled.
--- End quote ---

It happens so often, even the news is like, "Fuck, this is too much even for us.".

It just goes on and on...and now we have another event in Brooklyn Center Minn. that some are calling execution by cop...

Mike Cl:
It seems like almost every day people die from shootings.  Thoughts and prayers are not even offered any more.  It has become so common that it is simply part of who and what we are as a society.

Gawdzilla Sama:
"Suspect in mass shooting at Orange, California, business complex knew the victims, police say"


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