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Their Own Volition
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My general attitude has always been to see life as a war of attrition. To stay the course, slow and steady. Keep my time my own. Don't be my own worse enemy. My childhood friends from that street of shacks bordering the swamp, mostly long dead. Most of their own volition.

It is always the recurring dream.
I am walking painfully slow, one foot drag at a time. It's 100 Deg. F in the shade. But there is no shade. The sand is deep. Always a mirage. A beautiful deep cool lake right there in front of me. I know it's not real. I enjoy it nonetheless and keep going.

I don't remember most dreams. Usually they are meaningless, or maybe deal with a single day. My recurring boring dream...that means something to me.

No wonder I love this song..."Kashmir" too.

Re: Their Own Volition
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When I dropped some LSD a few weeks ago ( first time in about fifty years) I listened to Kashmir as played by gypsies. It was fantastic!

And it was just as wonderful after I was no longer tripping. But I've been loving the song since the first time I heard it.
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