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Secondly, there’s the fact that Bill Gates has actually floated the idea of using weather control to battle climate change. The idea is to spray calcium carbonate into the atmosphere so that it can reflect some of the sun’s rays back and hopefully cool down the Earth, as Forbes explains. ...

I heard about that. It delays global warming, but it also turns the atmosphere into a ticking timebomb, if we don't take action to actually reduce carbon emissions. Rather than see the effects gradually over many years, it would hit us all at once like an apocalypse.
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Snow is apparently a lot cheaper to make than ski resorts let on.  Also, you have to wonder at what anyone could gain by an unusually large snowstorm.  Aside from the power companies charging Texans ludicrous bills, not a whole lot of people are benefiting.

This seems like yet another example of a systemic failure covered up by conspiracy theory.  Can't find someone to blame, so blame Canada Bill Gates.

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That is interesting.  I like to think that I have not developed or believed in any conspiracy theory.  But I've always been skeptical of most things, until I've had a chance to figure something out for myself.  But I have a close friend who believes JFK was killed because LBJ wanted him dead.  We have talked about this at some length (I have tried not to attack him but tried to figure out what he thinks is proof) and he still persists that LBJ had it done. 

So, you believed in a conspiracy(s) theory.  What caused you to not believe it anymore?

I did analyzed what say the debunkers and I did concluded what say debunkers is more sensical that what say conspiracy theories.
When I deconvert from Christianity to became an Atheist I understood than my beliefs about my destiny were false

1.Between my 4 years old until my deconversion at age of 19 or 20 I always had the feeling that I will take part to the last battle (Armageddon not the film but the place).

2.Between my 4 years old until my deconversion at age of 19 or 20 I had often this weird sensation in my Thorax , a sensation to be like a empty memory card that was a physical sensation of my faith.

3.Between my 4 years old until my deconversion at age of 19 or 20 I always had the feeling that I will have the chance to see the second coming of Christ.

4.Conspiracy theories make me believe I was on the good side and reinforced my belief in religion.

5.When I began to deconvert from Christianity. I began to understand my beliefs in conspiracy theories weren't true.

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My wife’s aunt sent her a notice straight from Quacker-non...this one was from mid Jan. They claimed there were some 375,000 Chinese troops “surrounding us...75,000 in Canada and the rest in Mexico....but DONT WORRY Trumps general are ready to wipe them out...

Keepers, you’d think some folks in Canada would notice 75,000 chinks....

Supposedly the space force has been in existence for years only under a old name. Now it is up and running and they have already shot down a dozen Chinese missies off the coast of Florida...but DONT WORRY...Trumps general are all over won’t even hear about it.

LOL...jesus fucking christ...these followers are some really really stupid people...and THAT makes them dangerous.
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Snowfake videos! AHAHAAH I'm sure sombody thought of that before. 

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