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Has anyone here tried CBD before?
I ordered some oil and some tea online.

My gf's stress has been skyrocketing lately, and we thought we might try it. It just might help her relax and catch some sleep.
Pot isn't legal in Belgium. And we never smoked or ate special brownies or whatever. We don't feel the need either.
Friend of mine who used to be a bit of a pothead has assured me however that CBD just relaxes you and doesn't get you stoned. Nor that it is  addictive or anything.

I was looking for CBD honey, which I heard exists now too. So we could do that in our tea. But I could only order that in Holland, and even then it was scarce to find.
So I settled for CBD tea and some oil.
I've read you are supposed to take the oil directly. But that you could mix it into your food as well. But I was wondering if it has any effect when put into tea. Good chance the CBD tea itself will not taste very well. (Though it might.)

The dose of oil I bought is 5%. We'll start with a single drop to see what the effect is. Don't want to overdo it.

My brother bought some topical cream for mom. She has been using on her 82 year old shoulders, knees, and hands. She says it helps, but that is with pain not anxiety.

Yeah. A few different kinds. They did exactly nothing for me.

Found the honey, ordered that too.
Might not help at all. But who knows, it just might.
If nothing, it's 70 euro's down the drain for bad tea,  some bland oil we'll never use and some honey like any other.
But hey, we'll have tried.

Thanks Pops & Mermaid.

Mike Cl:
A pet groomer in our area (trims toenails for free) swears by cbd oil for dogs anxiety--from loud noises, like the 4th of July or New Year's Eve and the like.  Used it on our big dog who is terrified at those times.  Helped a tiny bit.  Used the oil on my wife's hands that have a touch of arteritis and on her knees for the same reason.  Helped her knees quite a bit.  My son-in-law uses it for chronic pain in his back and he swears by it.  So, I guess like most stuff, each person or animal reacts differently.  Mr. O, I hope it helps you and your girlfriend.  Edible thc, in 5/10 mm doses helps me sleep and my wife is now using it, too.  Maybe that would be of help. 


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