Author Topic: So, I deleted my Wattpad account...  (Read 300 times)

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So, I deleted my Wattpad account...
« on: January 18, 2021, 01:44:30 PM »
So I got the bright idea to try to write a novel and settled on a idea about lesbians fighting in giant robots because, why not. When looking for a place to post these things, Wattpad turned up at the top of most lists, despite what Jenny Nicholson said about it at the beginning of this video.

I was making progress, but three things happened.

1) I made a wrong turn somewhere in the story which I would need to correct. This made the rewriting process look like a lot of work. And I had other wrong turns already that I just started over and kept going, but that kind of enthusiasm dies readily

2) Covid got my coffee place where I got most of my writing done to switch to to-go only. This upset my finicky personal comfort bullshit so I couldn't focus and haven't written anything since May.

3) Wattpad closed their forums. Apparently shit like someone would start a thread for black writer or something like that and others would post the n-word in that thread because tweens are shitty people. The problem is, the forums was the best and only way to promote your work and now it was gone.

So, with the apple cart fully upset, I too a long look at what was featured on the front page and it's all shitty tween romance shit. I should have know when the first user who offered to swap follow for follow was some girl who had written and incest rape porn or something. I didn't keep reading it. They were shitty characters.

So I deleted my story and closed my account. I don't need a place like this and I'm beginning to wonder if any web site would be a worthwhile place to post my shitty, shitty writing. I'm terrible, but somehow these people seem to be much, much worse. And oddly obsessed with Korean boy bands. Maybe it's not odd. I don't know and give up.

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Re: So, I deleted my Wattpad account...
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2021, 01:34:09 AM »
Sorry to hear.
In any case, follow for follow is hollow. Back when a friend of mine and I had a YouTube channel, we were offered this too, often. But we didn't all it gets you is delusions and a fan base of two thousand of who only twenty people actually keep up with your content.
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