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Soccer players walk out of match in Paris after referee accused of making racist remark

Players walked off the pitch during a Champions League game on Tuesday after a referee allegedly made a racist remark in Paris.

The tournament game between Paris Saint -Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir was underway at the Parc des Princes stadium when the fourth official allegedly made a racist comment about Pierre Webo, Basaksehir's assistant coach. Webo was sent off the pitch after confronting the official.

The team%u2019s striker, Demba Ba, was caught on camera challenging the referee on why he made the alleged comment.

%u201CYou never say this white guy, you say this guy,%u201D Ba said in video of the incident. %u201CSo why when you %u2014 listen to me %u2014 so why when you mention a Black guy you say 'this Black guy'?"

You know what...everything is aside, one thing I'll never get. How do you manage to treat black people in some demeaning way; as if outsiders who are there randomly in sports, in a natural, reflexive manner, no less. In fucking SPORTS. I'm sure somebody is going to say now I'm being racist against the non black but really, honestly. If racism is in all of us in some way, built by the conditioning we get growing up, how the do you get conditioned against black people in sports. Esp. in football. Every kind of football. The minorty is the white. They are the usual body of the industry.
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White people watching Black people do athletics is cultural expropriation, it is racist ;-)  Only Black people should watch Black people ;-)  I for one have never supported millionaire crybabies (Kaepernick).

You want a 15 minute hate session before every game?
Ha’át’íísh baa naniná?
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Táadoo ánít’iní.
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Don't do that.