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The Hallowe'en 2020 Scary Thread

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--- Quote from: Mr.Obvious on October 31, 2020, 02:08:35 PM ---Happy Halloween, y'all.

Remember, there is nothing more scary than reality.

Because there is nothing more, at all.

And it is plenty scary, in its own right.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Happy Halloween. Having a little two person party. I get to be DJ, light up some incense, maybe a clove cig or 2, probably dress-up steam punk like, have about 20 candles going and just groove like it is 1984 and we are in some dark cellar bar.

Only 363 Days Until HALLOWEEN!

Reality is scarier.  The 21st century is more evil than 1984, more feral than Animal Farm, more medicinal than Brave New World ;-(


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