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Re: Why is killing so fascinating?
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But what is so fuckin fascinating with watching and already knowing that an innocent person is going to be killed by a POS? And they WANT to watch it.

I have no fucking clue there. That seems like a really weird thing to be watching.

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aitm, I actually find "The Following" more than mildly disturbing. But that kind of mind, one which is capable of such things, is fascinating. In a way, I want to know what makes them different from me (besides the fact that they committ murder). Now, I'm not saying that fictional TV shows necessarily accurately portray such individuals, but the fascination is there, regardless. I don't get off on the violence, it's the complete opposite for me, in fact. I abhor real violence and have an aversion to particularly vivid depictionsof it. But I am drawn to things like that because I want to understand my aversion to it. Of couse, this is a highly cerebral explanation, so don't get me wrong, there is entertainment there as well, but that is more in the detecting and chase aspects of the show rather than the brutality of the killing.
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