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I thought I'd explore here at bit. I have been active under this handle on city-data/agnostic & atheism forum and on The Thinking Atheist forum (now defunct) and more recently on the community. I identify as an atheist (no belief) of the agnostic variety (no knowledge possible about the [non] existence of gods since the god hypothesis is non-falsifiable). I left evangelical Christianity a generation ago (I'm now in my early 60s) and am an independent consultant doing software design and development. I reside in upstate NY with my wife and stepson, two dogs and an elderly cat.

I was active enough in fundamentalism to have spent a year in one of their Bible Institutes back in my salad days, but on some level could faintly hear my bullshit detector buzzing away, buried under a few layers of denial and taboo. When lived experience was discordant enough with the failed epistemology of religious faith, I bailed. But I do bring a better than average understanding of evangelical dogma and "thought" to the table, as well as a pretty good understanding of what makes them tick. Yet ... I am pretty merciless in calling out their self-ratifying nonsense.

Hope to get to know you folks and have some mutually enlightening interactions with you.

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Hi mordant! Glad to have a new face, even though we can't see it. :-P
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Welcome also.
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Agnostic atheist apostate here.
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Welcome, mordant.  I was never an ardent christian, but not from lack of trying.  Over the course of most of my life, I tried to become a Southern Baptist, Church of Christ (both in Alabama), several Methodist sects and finally Unity.  I was in the Unity church for over 10 yrs. and was even on the church board for 3 yrs, with one term as president and another as VP.  Finally came to fully realize that that was all simply fiction and there was no there, there.  As I see it, the universe is proof positive that there is no god of any kind.  Earth nature is more proof.  So, if I must assume a title it would be as a strong positive atheist thinking it impossible for a god(s) to exist or ever existed.
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Welcome to our little band of heathens.
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Welcome to the group!

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welcome a board!

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