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A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust

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Here in Oklahoma, you are allowed to have six mature plants with a medical card. An old friend of mine literally renovated his house to improve ventilation in one room, and currently has two plants in production with four more growing. The guy has all the nice equipment, from the lamps to the fans in his walls to some thing he hangs in his closet for drying out the bud before he puts it in jars. It's ironic really. He's already producing way more than he needs, and he would give me enough for free to satisfy a hard core pot smoker, but I don't care for the stuff.

We are allowed to have 4 plants per household under our new laws.  I am not a big fan of smoking it but since I started taking CBD I am off all my prescriptions drugs... it was a life changer for me!

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I only use Facebook for sharing images from my hikes and view jokes nowadays. I'm unsure what label I would use describe my own political views. Somewhat of a liberal and otherwise centrist I would wager

I'm an apostate too. My parents, growing up, were non-denominational Christians. I used to be vocal about my atheism. Now I actively avoid discussing religion unless pressed in public.
I used to enjoy Facebook back when it was more a social tool but it has turned into a place where idiots post their opinions and feel they are as valid as facts.  It got to a point where I was agitated every time I was on the site.

I am vocal but only when people wave their cross in my face.  I love to debate with religious folks until they admit that believing is more important than knowing... then i just discount them :-)  Being brought up surrounded by this foolishness has done nothing for my tolerance level LOL

I am looking forward to some intelligent conversation in this forum!

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Welcome to our little band of heathens.

Thanks!  Looking forward getting to know other rational thinkers!

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Seems you will fit right in!!  I also think that a world without religion would be better.  And I married a Catholic woman!  We have been on (and are still on) quite the journey.  At first I was willing to accept her world and we did go to a church for about 10 years together--Unity.  Even though I thought all along that there is not and never was, a god(s).  We are no longer going to church and are both atheist.  And I am more vocal about it than her.  Welcome.................................
Welcome also.  I was also insta-banned, from a Facebook religion forum.  For criticizing the history of the Catholic Church.

Billy Joel was right about those Catholic girls LOL 

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That's like shooting fish in a barrel! Look at almost any place and time that the RCC existed, they always claimed to be these pious, god-fearing saints, while all the while behaved like any other people and fed their appetites out of the sight of the public eye. But they can't stand their history being truthfully told, because they know it won't stand up to what we consider moral standards.
Delusional and pretentious for the most part. Bi have a couple of Christian friends who walk the walk but most... Not so much.

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