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So I go up to the point where the chippy is taken away and I have to get through an asylum to rescue her and I am never going to. The place is full of my least favorite thing in video games: bullet sponges. Fuck that noise. Fuck this game. All done.

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Re: Any gamers around here?
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Long video, but the part that interests me (and maybe you) is that what factions you align yourself with in Fallout New Vegas tells me a lot about your real-world politics.

I always go NCR and I'm always mildly annoyed when people choose House or Independent and I couldn't quite put my finger on why.  A lot of that can be chalked up to how cartoonishly evil Caesar's Legion is and how every Ranger from Goodsprings to 188 Trading Post gripes about NCR, so naturally, the player infers that both sides are bad and opts instead not to vote side with either one.  Well, now the wasteland is either chaotically lawless or despotic.  Nice job breaking it, hero.  Oh well, we'll try it again next election cycle.

But part of it could be that this game reveals a growing sense of dissatisfaction with democratic governments and their corruption, inability to effect positive change, and paradoxically, a perceived overbearing nature.  Hey, if I want to collect mininukes and full-auto mininuke launchers, that's my god-given right as an American and if you don't like it, the next mushroom cloud might be you!  (That sort of talk is definitely a sign that someone is completely sane and socially well-adjusted)

And yes, in addition to the NCR, I also side with Boomers and Brotherhood.  True, they're xenophobic (being surrounded by raiders will do that to you) but they have the know-how to get some major league stuff done *smash cut to Liberty Prime's epic rampage* and by uniting them with civilization through the NCR, you can possibly diminish their insular/xenophobic tendencies over time.

Can you blame a guy for wanting a return of civilization, democracy, technology, and a balanced approach to both freedom and public safety?

Alternatively, I might be perceived as uniting warmongers with caches of extremely potent war materiel while doing nothing to curb the expansionist ideologies that led to nuclear war in the first place.  In short, I'm leading us straight into another nuclear war, thereby proving that I learned nothing from the first nuclear war.  Good end?
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Re: Any gamers around here?
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I almost always go for Independent.  Why?  because I feel in control of the situation then, and I know how I would proceed after the game ends--I would insist the govt be as democratic as possible.  I also side with the Kings, Boomers, and Brotherhood.  Veronica is my fav human companion (Eddy is my constant companion) and she is a major in with the Brotherhood, which I hope to bring on board in my future govt.  NCR is my next used faction.  As for house, I use him as far as I can, then kill him for his snow globes!
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