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Re: Any gamers around here?
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The oddest thing for me though was that after about the 3 hours it takes to beat the game... I found myself in tears. I don't want to express why for fear of spoiling it, but it is easily the most emotional video game (or artistic in general) experience I have had in at least a decade.

Just checked it out. That makes sense to me. It looks like so well made less, it could be too much for me. But I should try. Thanks. (Very different yet similar reasons I can't handle Final Space which is at the light side of the spectrum.)

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Re: Any gamers around here?
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Replaying half-life on my PS2.
Fun game.
Good times.
Much wow.

Ooo, I haven't messed with my PS2 in ages.  I could probably do with some good old fashioned beer-and-pretzels games like the CoN or Katamari series, or TW2K5.
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Re: Any gamers around here?
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It's happening!  Skywind is coming!

The graphics are kinda rough around the edges, but neither game is particularly new and it is a fan project after all.  A lot of the assets are brand new.  Combat is a big step up from where it was in Morrowind, and lighting isn't bad.  The sound design and atmosphere are just so immersive!  Rustic beauty and brassy, lived-in architecture.  What a combination!

Morrowind always had very creepy and unnerving ruins.  All that clanging and hissing in dwemer ruins easily puts me on edge.

And levitate is back!  Woo!

The dialogue seems pretty generic and the quest itself nothing special, but afaik, this was meant to be a pretty generic quest.
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