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I do remember you. Welcome back.
"Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
Born under one law, to another bound;
Vainly begot, and yet forbidden vanity,
Created sick, commanded to be sound."
--Fulke Greville

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Thank ya, PR!

And new ownership means new uncertainty, which is effectively the same as going away.

I remember when this was a fairly lawless place filled with piss, vinegar, and harmony.  A real joy of chaos and reason and whimsy.  :D  And Buck Cash and Todangst and Yellow #5 were all here!

Damn you, WifeSwap, and the drama and hardship you brought to Reggie and his family!!!
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Hiya SvZurich!

Long time no see. Glad you are still on the green side. Hope all is well. And no this place will not go gently into the night.  Hope you hand around for awhile.
A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust

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SvZurich! Glad to see you again! The place just hasn't been the same without you and the rest of the Old Guard. Hasn't been bad, though, just not the same.
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