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Always glad to provide data.  :)  And Presidential politics was one of my focuses in PoliSci.

The left/right swap pre-dated Nixon; it began under FDR, really.  Isolationism moved the Republican party to the right, and Roosevelt shoved the Democrats to the left as the only workable response to the Great Depression -- certainly Hoover's "let's let the market work things out" wasn't working.  By embracing the Southern Strategy, Nixon completed (rather than initiated) the left/right swap.

History has moved on from 1968.  How do you explain how, in just 3 years, the Dems are now more war-mongering than the Repubs?  Have they switched again?  Will the current Repubs become flower power hippies?  Or maybe a simpler explanation is better ... there is no R-L, just CIA, and total lies all the way down since 1963.  The Repubs and Dems have no values, other than doing what they are told, by the Deep State, to avoid a trip to Dallas.
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