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Re: 'Boys Have Periods Too' to be Taught to UK 8 Year Olds
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Ahahah, ffs. He means the Social State. I don't know what will it mean to you, but roughly caricaturised, Social State is a system based on mixed economy where the state works for promoting citizens' lives based on equal opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth. Free health, all kinds of welfare for example.
The thing is, while the far right has long promoted that Social State as a system where people just want a free ride but nothing else for decades, now with politics playing on refugee crisis, identity politics; dividing as much as they can, they define anything society-people friendly with any suitable boogieman concept. Communism or muslims for example.

In the UK, before and during the Brexit campaign, there was this balatant lie going on around how muslims first and other minorities are sucking the government funds with welfare. The irony is the white British were the largest group among Europe who got any kind of welfare from their own and EU in general. LOL   

Because another name officially used for Social State is Welfare State which is bullshit of course, because the concept of Social State in principle is about creating a society where people do not get homeless, starve OR do not have to choose a life to work 9-5 to survive. Not just supported when they are in need. Far right promotes this as people riding the governments.

How far right looks into this is people who are not working for status, money; to achieve any kind of success society defines or just to survive are 'dangerous' in many ways. Basically, if you do not fear homelessness, lack the stress of what will become of me, what if I get sick, what if I fail...etc. you do not conform the human life governments require to herd the masses. Meaning that as a human being, you are far less likely to offer yourself as resource.

You are more likely to refuse;

-religious and any kind of traditional institutions
-marriage and procreating

If this idea; understanding found a place in majority - very highly unlikley- the culture would transform fundamentally. About everything. From choosing a partner to have sex to eating habits.

So the idea of Social State always scares any kind of right and religious states/governments as if it could produce an easy coming culture. That part is because they are stupid. But the real dynamic is that Social State makes it difficult to maintain the basic norms in time as the generations turned.

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Re: 'Boys Have Periods Too' to be Taught to UK 8 Year Olds
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The main social problem is that 50% of the people fall on the wrong side of the gaussian curve in anything you might want to measure.  Originally this was cleaned up by Darwinian hunter-gatherer reality.  If you can't handle being that, for more than a few days, you die, are removed from the gene pool.  Agriculture broke this natural limit 10,000 years ago.  This isn't a new problem.  Agriculture is the original "surplus production" distortion.  Not that Henry Ford etc can produce cars faster than people can buy them.
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Re: 'Boys Have Periods Too' to be Taught to UK 8 Year Olds
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