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Partly, the Russian/Ukraine fight is about Russia's historical struggles for warm weather ports.  Russia does have Crimea and "some access", but it fears the loss of it. 

When I took senior/graduate level classes at Univ of Maryland in the 90's about the breakup of the Soviet Union, the professor (correctly) predicted that Russia would go for Crimea and take other steps to control the adjacent territory for exactly that reason. 

There are rational reasons to allow the Russians that access - at a cost.  It would be a great benefit to them (financially and economically) but also nationally psychologically.  And they should have that access (for some world peace) but give something in return. 

One cost would be to stop meddling in Ukrainian affairs.  Another might be to stop hacking other govts' election systems.  We can tell when they do the hacking if we look hard enough.  So an agreement with them to stop in return for something they obsessively desire is worth something.

But we need an organized response to make them agree.

Let the US return all troops home, and stop meddling in other's elections ... then maybe others might, reciprocate.  But people being people, if you don't kill them first, they kill you.  Don't you think our permanent occupation of Germany is interference in German affairs?
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