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UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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Over 2,000 ministers and government leaders around the world will gather in Dubai to discuss the role of governments in spreading tolerance and the efforts needed in fighting against fanaticism and discrimination.

The UAE's first World Tolerance Summit (WTS), will be held on November 15-16, in line with International Day of Tolerance, under the theme 'Prospering from Pluralism: Embracing Diversity through Innovation and Collaboration'.

The two-day summit, which will be opened by Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerance, will issue recommendations and outcomes of global talks to help promote peaceful coexistence around the world. It will also focus on the crucial role of women and the youth in spreading tolerance in their societies through different fields of arts, education and sports.


Since the UAE established the world's first ministry of tolerance and the Arab World's first institute for tolerance, representatives said exchanging knowledge and opening a dialogue about countering extremism will be the key to spread the message of peace.


1-The first day of the UAE World Tolerance Summit will include six panel discussions on the responsibility of leaders and educational institutes in ingraining qualities of tolerance in today's youth. The panels will also discuss ways that allow international and local associations to promote harmony.

2-The second day will have six workshops themed around women empowerment, learning the science behind tolerance and building a tolerance and happy society. The workshops will be held under Zayed Majlis of Tolerance, to endorse values of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE founder.

3-A library for tolerance will contain a collection of important references, books and researches that address tolerance in its holistic sense.

I post this for several reasons... firstly, I find it interesting and wanted to share it. It's a shame that the UAE is investing more resources into diversity and tolerance than my country, regardless of how successful you may or may not think it will be.

Secondly there is this very consistent narrative about the Arab-Muslim world that they all think one way, that only radicals have a voice, when that is simply not true. This is a state sponsored event, featuring many prominent Muslim activists against radicalism, and it is frankly ahead of anything the Western world is doing. That is not a criticism against the West, that is an invitation for us to try and do even better.

Thirdly, and this is where I do get a bit petty, I am a little tired of hearing, "Hur dur, only the West cares about tolerance or diversity! Thanks, Marxists!!!", and the fact that it is the eternal heathen boogieman who is proving that wrong is just delicious.

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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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How many migrants, refugees have the Arab countries taken in?  Zero.
How many churches, temples, synagogues do they have in their countries? Zero.
How many non-Muslims are allowed into Mekka? Zero.

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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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How many migrants, refugees have the Arab countries taken in?  Zero.

Just from the Syrian Civil War...

Turkey, 3.5 million refugees.
Lebanon, 1 million refugees registered with an estimated 2.2 million in total.
Jordan, 661,000 refugees registered with an estimated 1.26 million in total.

Turkey has more Syrian refugees than the Western nations combined. Lebanon potentially has more Syrian refugees than the Western nations combined. Jordan has around the same amount as the Western nations combined.

Fairplay if you want to argue Turkey isn't an Arab nation, but I thought your beef was with Muslims and not Arabs. Wouldn't be the first time you slipped up and said what you really meant though...

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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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Saudi Arabia, UAE.  The richest countries of them all? Zero.

Anger after Saudi Arabia 'chosen to head key UN human rights panel'

And Yasser Arafat the world-renowned terrorist gets the Nobel Peace Prize.

Crazy or what?

But more to the point, how long could you live as an atheist in the tolerant UAE?
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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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Saudi Arabia let in around 500,000 refugees according to the U.N. .

UAE has donated $3.23 billion so far towards the Syrian refugee crisis.

It's been fun, but I think proving you wrong about 7 times so far this thread is enough :).

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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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Let's not forget the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam especially Article 24 and 25.

This declaration is widely acknowledged as an Islamic response to the United Nations's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted in 1948. It guarantees many of the same rights as the UDHR and serves as a living document of human rights guidelines prescribed for all members of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) to follow, but restricts them explicitly to the limits set by the sharia. This greatly restricts rights with respect to the Universal Declaration, since for example, women and members of other religions do not have the same rights as men under sharia, and that freedom of expression can be severely limited for religious reasons: for example, blasphemy can even now be punishable by death, in clear opposition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From the article:
We will address the qualifications of teachers to guide youngsters towards acceptance of differences, prevention of violence and the role of the curriculum in cultivating a culture of tolerance and peace among students."

Translation: Spreading Islam by deception to the world.

Only the willfully blind and ideologically indoctrinated who cannot or will not see how tolerant and peaceful Islam is.

With over 34 thousands deadly terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11.

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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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Yeah, because in this community, people have no idea of the nature of organised religions or religious indoctrination and they think one might be different than others, right?   

'the wise man does not seek enlightenment, he waits for it. so while ı was waiting, it occurred to me that seeking perplexity might be more fun.’ - lu-tze

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Re: UAE Hosts First "Tolerance Summit"
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Dick Cheney likes Dubai too.  Move there.  But don't criticize the emir.
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