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« on: December 30, 2018, 05:45:00 AM »
So lately Iv'e come to a conclusion to buy myself a new laptop, and trash my toaster. A gaming computer seems the best with better ram, memory, storage, and overall pc power and performance. My budget is under $600 (cheap is best but not that cheap) and this laptop is for everything:gaming, work, and class. I found Acer Aspire E5 or HP OMEN look great  but could use some advice on what's best.

Also where should I go for the best service? Best Buy and Amazon are pricey.

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I've had a series of ASUS laptops and never had any problems with them. Defo worth a look.

And prowl the Best Buys near you, looking for "open box" deals. I saved $100 on my last laptop that way.
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Usually post sale service is mail-in-to-manufacturer.  Even a local repair shop will have to do that, or scrounge parts on E-bay.
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I've used IBuyPower for my last two desktops ( the first one lasted 7 years ) and they have a line of laptops, too.

Essentially, you find one you like and can then customize it, if you wish.  I have needed little in the way of service from them and the one time I did they were superb.

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