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Yeah, I've often wondered what we may have missed by finding "an" answer, when we stop looking for "the" answer. Who know what we've missed due to simple lack of vision or imagination? That's one reason I like to smoke weed, I may just come up with something no one's ever thought of. Not likely, but hey...

Yeah that stuff is great for the imagination.  I once bonged in college at a friend's room.  As I was leaving, I suddenly was floating down through a verdant valley while listening to 'Stairway To Heaven'.  My friends didn't see it the same way.  From THEIR POV, I leaned against a wall that was a bit too far away and slowly slid to the floor.  I may have missed a couple of classes.

Well, what did THEY know?

Which reminds me of why the motor bike ended up on the front lawn of the University President.  But that is for another day...
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Re: Universe Size Comparison 2018
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That's why Sheila sells sea shells down by the seashore...

Only on Australian beaches.  You people have Timothy Leary envy.

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