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Re: Origins of the Universe. (Creation versus science. Do they contradict?)
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And of course it's worth mentioning that never in the history of the planet has a secular humanist state waged war on *anyone*... mainly because there's never been a secular humanist state.  France and Norway and Japan and the Czech Republic are getting close, though.

There have been governments that have practiced state atheism, as a reaction against a state religion imposed by an overthrown government: the Bolsheviks banning the Russian Orthodox Church comes to mind.  However, these have always been political acts; had the Russian Orthodox Church supported the Red Army rather than the White Army in the Russian Revolution, there's absolutely no doubt that they would have maintained their status under the new regime.

Also, if you look at the structure of Stalin's Russia, or North Korea under the Kims, those are religious states.  They are dedicated to the worship of their leader, from whom all good things come and to whom all praise must go or else.  The Kims take it even further than Stalin did, ascribing supernatural powers to their leaders -- Kim Il-sung's birthplace is a place of pilgrimage, not unlike Vatican City; miraculous events are said to have happened when Kim Jong-Il was born (like winter turning suddenly to spring)... this is not atheistic behavior, this is the leader as god and the state as his official church.

You just redefined religion again.  In which case all ideology (including personal worship of Obama etc) are religions.  Are there any true atheists?

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Re: Origins of the Universe. (Creation versus science. Do they contradict?)
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Perhaps I am wrong in the understanding of the Multiverse where scientists theorised that there are such a numerous amount of universes, infinite amounts, that the possibility that you are somewhere in the exact circumstances as you are living here, and there will also be many more versions of you in other circumstances and environments.

I thought the remark that in some other multiverse, there will be a Universe where half of everyone is Theists, and the other half not.
I think this was an interesting conclusion.
I do not have to agree with the thought, but I found it interesting, and I still love it.

But think about this one.
Somewhere there is another Universe with an Earth where everyone is Theist, lets say, Christian.
And they prosper.
Then there is another Earth where everyone was Atheist!
Well, there will be only one living being left after they all killed each other.

I still love it!

Your assumption is just an assumption.  You assume that the there are other universes, you assume that there are Christian ones where everything is sweetness and light, you assume that an atheist universe would be horrid.  One could equally assume the opposite and for very good reasons.

Your assumption of only the positive outcomes of many possibilities in your direction is rather laughable.
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!


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