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Not everyone thinks a hammer is the only tool.

I have been suggesting for over 25 years that Einstein and "spacetime" will eventually be shown wrong in favor of some "more-understandable" idea.  It's coming, slowly...

True regarding physics.  But rhetorically, maniacs only know the content of their mania.  Mousetrap is a typical theistic maniac.  And he isn't the only one here with a narrow mind or a one track mind.

Newer physics isn't a Micronesian cargo cult.  Knowing a little bit more than we knew (of fundamental physics in 1983 (vector bosons found, minus Higgs) won't make much impact on civilization.  There is no warp drive, no Tardis.  Except in the human imagination.  The rules of thermodynamics (including conservation of energy) hasn't been overturned ever (except very temporarily in very small places).
Zampa xiquihto.  Amo nimitzcuamachilia.
Say it again.  I don't understand you.


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