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Re: United States Ranked 10th Worse Nation For Women
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He campaigned for President for personal gain (after never expecting to win).   The day he leaves office, he should be charged with multiple financial, treason, and tax crimes.  And he knows it...

Perhaps ... that is what happened in the Roman Republic.  Is that you Cicero?  Well Julius Caesar didn't want to die at the hands of a corrupt Senate.  And Marc Anthony and Octavian finished off the corrupt Senators.  Things didn't turn out so well for Crassus though, the wealthy guy, as general, in Syria.  Hopefully an invasion from Canada will bring you all free medical care.  The invasion from Mexico will bring you free tacos.

What would have happened to Roman crowds if like in 1968 or 2018 ... you had chanting Roman protestors chanting "Death to Rome"?  Where is a Sulla when you need him?
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