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I have an almost two-year-old son. I did not have any complications during or while giving birth. The only issue was that I  had to endure 14 hours of labor. Those were the longest hours in my entire life. He was a really big baby. It was going smoothly for a few weeks after I had him. But soon I started to notice that I couldn't control my bladder. Not only that, I started to experience a lot of pain in my pelvis. I felt so embarrassed on several occasions because I had to use the restroom at least some 4 to 6 times. I had no idea about dealing with these problems. I thought it was normal for mothers to experience things like these. But then, I met my old friend. She is a mother of 3 boys. She told me that she too experienced such problems after childbirth. The first thing she did was to No Links. She recovered quickly. She did everything they said, did her exercises properly and avoided certain food and drinks. Now she is doing great. I did not know such type of therapies existed. It's all very new to me. Do you know about pelvic floor therapy? Have undergone such treatment? Please share your knowledge and experiences. It would be of great help.

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I prefer Therapy?

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Bladder infections are serious.  Particularly yeast infections.  They can be life threatening, so get professional help.

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pelvic floor therapy? Isn't that what caused the problem in the first place?
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pelvic floor therapy? Isn't that what caused the problem in the first place?

My mother had to have pelvic floor surgery a year after her 4th child.  Basically, her bladder "and other stuff" had simply become detached.  Which was not a minor thing.
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