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Islam in America
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Zvi Yehezkeli is an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In the following documentary about Islam in America, he created a false identity for himself as a Palestinian so he could gain entry to places where infidels are normally not allowed, and hear things that are normally hidden from the kuffar. He visited the Dar al-Hijra Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, where Anwar al-Awlaki used to be the imam. He went to Dearborn, Michigan and was given a tour by the Arab-American police chief, Ron Haddad. He visited CAIR headquarters in Tampa and talked to its director, Hassan Shibly. And he had some interesting conversations with Muslim taxi drivers in Miami.

Posted for educational purposes. Watch the video.
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Re: Islam in America
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Not typical.  Most American Muslims are former Nation of Islam, not ME people at all.  This started when Malcolm X broke away from Nation of Islam, and was assassinated for it.  Most ME folks come in from Canada, where it is easier to get into at first.  So yes, if you cherry pick, one can find a bad imam, anywhere.  You can also find a few progressives (not many).  The US isn't Europe or Britain ... or even Canada.

Joseph Lumbard is an educated, White, American Muslim  And I respect his scholarship and knowledge of Arabic.

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Re: Islam in America
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If you think I am promoting idiotic, cruel and violent Islam in any way, you are quite mistaken.  What I've been saying is that they aren't much different than other religions at this same time in their history and that other religions can be just as violent even in modern history.  Christians and Protestants were bombing and shooting each other just a few decades ago, Christian fanatics bomb Planned Parenthood facilities, Hindus and Moslems massacre each other, Christians are killed in Moslem and Hindu lands, and Moslems and Hindus (among other religious groups and hated in Christian places.  There seems to be no end to it.

The end WOULD be freedom FROM religion, but apparently we are not ready for that yet.  I look forward to the day...
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