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Re: Talking To Theists You Don't Want To Offend
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Or maybe these guys?

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Yes, except not theists, but nihilists, who beat themselves and each other, because they are nothing, and their lives have no meaning because logically "nothing" doesn't have a meaning.  If you understand that this web site is Golgotha, then you are ready for Easter.  Except the Buddhists have literally beaten you there.

The figure of Jesus isn't Gentile, but Jewish, but he is also Buddhist.  He founded a Jewish Sangha, his teachings were a communally lived Dharma.  His original enlightenment was in the Judean desert against Mara aka Satan.   Dying he achieved Paranirvana.  Having ascended and being seen in many forms in many places (typical yoga miracles) he became what he already was, the Christ aka Dharmakaya, a condition his Sangha could now share.  Mahayana Buddhism for lay people, not monks ... but led by monks (aka apostles).

People in Antioch and Alexandra had already been exposed to Buddhism for 250 years, and there were renunciants of various kinds all over that region.  Later the original renunciants, having separated from lay clergy, became the origin of Christian hermits and monks.  This would be obvious, even if there were no historical Jesus figures.  But Western culture blinds us to the very Jewish and very Buddhist aspects of this miracle play (as there was a miracle play about Bacchus/Baal in Tarsus in those days).

The Gospel is oral theater ... and wouldn't have happened the way it did without Greek culture in the Middle East ... theater originated in Dionysus worship in Athens, with the martyrdom of Socrates their greatest death scene.  Without the wine of Passover, this would be unintelligible.  So for Passover/Easter, I think I will have a drink.  Because this is a good Friday.
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Re: Talking To Theists You Don't Want To Offend
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I only respond when when pressed about my beliefs. Otherwise I let it slide for the most part, mainly because I've learned that actions speak louder than words.

I do remember somewhat recently a pastor (of all people) doing what I call "field work" at a local pub asking me if I believed in God. I simply said "no." And a friend of mine listening in added, "oh, he's an atheist". I rolled my eyes at this comment, because this pastor became curious as to why I was an atheist. I short-handedly said that I simply didn't believe because of lack of tangible proof. I sort of wanted to leave it at that, and this pastor didn't ask more after that other than saying something vague about faith, which I don't quite remember what it was, I was after all a bit drunk.

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Re: Talking To Theists You Don't Want To Offend
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Outstanding posts, my fellow atheists...
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