Author Topic: Are we morally responsible for the making of what we purchase?  (Read 1192 times)

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Re: Are we morally responsible for the making of what we purchase?
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Can I give you a couple hundred upvotes for saying that?

In life we indirectly do things that cause this kind of grief to other people and animals elsewhere. Its just a part of human nature, and all we can do is acknowledge the bad in it, but learn not to be consumed by guilt. We're all complacent in this way of living. Better to just be thankful your born in a country that makes life easier for you then hating it because other countries do far worse.

Puritanism comes from a desire to reject self or surroundings or both.  Uber-Idealism is the death knell of life.  Nazis and Stalinists were idealists (in the anti-human sense).  The unexamined life isn't worth living, but if you look too closely into the Abyss, it is looking back into you.  We are on the knife blade of the bridge of judgement (Zoroaster and Indiana Jones).  The slightest wrong move and you fall to your doom.  We either conquer the anxiety and fall, or fall anyway.  Anxiety attacks run in my family ... I choose to face it down and die well, rather than die badly.

And no, on the negative side of things, I really don't want to harm anyone directly.  But that doesn't mean I am virtuous.
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