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So, people take their avatars from places and times they choose.  So what?  Did you think I was actually a cave bear?

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Re: What does this mean?
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Actually, through crucifixions could work with nails driven though the wrists (hands would not support the weight of the body), victim's arms were usually just tied and that was quite sufficient of agony as the whole body pulled on them by gravity as the victim was contorted my muscle spasms and died of thirst after several days. 

The funny part (if I dare use the term for such brutality which did occur regularly for Roman executions) is that christians seem to display palm wounds as stigmata when that never would have been the case.  And besides, actually nails were far to scarce and valuable to be used in such a way routinely.  They were just tied.  Among a small bit of large collective evidence that the whole thing was just invented later by writers who imagined how such an event MIGHT have occurred had there been a real Jesus who was cruxified in manner described.
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