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Re: Looking For A Recliner Chair
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I like the form-fitting arm cover idea.  Marley has spent some years on the top of my vinyl computer chair flexing his claws and I can't see much actual damage there.  So maybe, vinyl wouldn't be bad.
You can put a fabric cover over the vinyl. "Water" proof and nice to the touch. The company might even sell you some of the fabric they use for the chairs.
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Re: Looking For A Recliner Chair
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Karen has decided to get rid of my Lazyboy which has been in the master bedroom ever since we put a reclining loveseat in its place in front of the TV a while back. It's a rocking recliner with a swivel. Fabric cover that has survived a fair amount of cat lovin'. It's yours if come and get it...

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Re: Looking For A Recliner Chair
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I ordered a recliner through Amazon the other day.  I had it in my cart as the best option, but hadn't decided on it for sure.  But then I had something to order and hit 1-click.  I forgot the recliner was in the cart...

And between being tired and having a dental appointment the next morning, I didn't notice the recliner had been ordered past the time to decline the recliner.  So I have one coming.  LOL!  Well, it seems a good choice...
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