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Spinoza, the Dutch and more important things..
« on: June 16, 2013, 04:33:06 PM »
Dutchmen regard Spinoza as the most prominent philosopher our (I am Dutch you know) country has produced. This video is about appreciation of Dutch culture but it digresses to more important things I believe... Like Spinoza. Well I enjoyed it....

Basically Spinoza was a Portuguese Jew who fled to our country and set up a business where he made glasses for people with bad eyesight. He did some worthwhile other things as well . Frankly the situation of my eyesight is such that I could do with his help right now!


There are more parts on YouTube. I'm sure you will be able to find them

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Re: Spinoza, the Dutch and more important things..
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I quite like Spinoza and his writings, though I obviously disagree with his theological (if you can call them that) views. His philosophical writings showed great insight, and managed to avoid some of the problems of Descartes' philosophical system, mainly by avoiding substance dualism. Great thinker overall.
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Re: Spinoza, the Dutch and more important things..
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When I first went to Harfsen to see my son and his wife I found the Dutch people looking very stern. At first you think they are very unfriendly, but that is far from the truth. I think they are like that from the hell they went through during WWII and are just cautious of strangers, because after you meet and know them they are as gracious and friendly as can be. But you can forget about their weather and trying to speak Nederlander correctly.

It took my son three years to understand and speak Nederlander. His wife speaks German, French, Flemish, Italian, and perfect English. She is so pleasant to be around, and an excellent cook for a Dutch woman. Mayo on French fries is something I learned to do. I always hold my fork in the right hand and knife in the left hand. Everyone here asks me why or makes fun of it. So I told my wife and son, "see that, they know how to hold a fork and knife the correct way."

It's interesting that the German soldiers used to catch American pilots because they would switch hands to cut their meat.  Question: Where and the hell do you find a WC to pee in when shopping in the Netherlands? When I see people vandalize our public bathrooms I want to break their necks. They don't know how lucky they are to have them.  :evil:  Solitary
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