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It depends on the game.  I enjoyed Borderlands, so buying Borderlands 2 and getting Gaige was a no-brainer.

For the new XCom game, I had been following it and seeing that it was fairly similar to the original with modernization.  Preordered.  No regrets.  I still play the original, and this is a good recreation.

Impire, in the vein of Dungeon Keeper, no regrets.  Demon rebuilds power and takes over.  I like being the bad person!  :D  Loved DK1 and 2!  :D

Brutal Legend, yes, I wanted this game since it was announced for consoles.  DoubleFine Studios with Jack Black, SOLD!

The Cave, yes, DoubleFine!  :)

Ys 1 and 2, yes, loved the originals.

The rest of my games tend to be from Humble Bundles sales, Steam sales, or GamersGate sales on Steam games.  :)

I have also Kickstarted quite a few games.  Strikesuit Zero is one of them.
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The only time I ever pre-order games is if I happen to be on Amazon when a game is coming out soon, and it's from a franchise that I play and know I'm going to buy it. Otherwise, I check metacritics reviews before I buy anything.
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