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Challenges Facing Footballs Away Fans
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It's a shame, but it's unfortunately the way the world seems to be going... from football to youtube to basically any entertainment that gets too big (or any corporation for that matter, like Walmart), it's all about scrubbing the product clean and making it appeal to the people with the biggest checkbooks rather than the heart and soul of the product.. and if you don't like it, we can get rich foreigners to pay five times what you do, or we ran our competition out of business. Forget quality of product, or forget the people who truly, passionately care about the sport, or the art, or the business... we don't give a shit about them.

This is human culture being actively "sanitized" and made a product to turn money rather than an expression of humanity, an art form, a game of hope and unity. And it is dramatic, but that should really scare everyone to their core.
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Re: Challenges Facing Footballs Away Fans
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Commercialization turns the whole world into a disposable dixie cup.