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To DBZ fans: Faulconer or no Faulconer
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For those of you who grew up with Dragon Ball Z like I did, what do you think of Faulconer's music? If you're unaware of Faulconer's work, he's the one who replaced the Japanese music when the show was adapted for American audiences. Here are a few examples of his work:

His work seems to be pretty divisive among Dragon Ball fans. Some love his work and some hate it. Personally, I understand the hate for the music. There is some value in keeping true to the original material, and replacing the music really did turn the show into a different beast. But Dragon Ball was one of the first anime I watched as a kid, and having Faulconer's score definitely helped pique my interest. It made the show more exciting and made the show's most badass moments feel all the more epic to me. If they brought Faulconer back for the dub of Super, maybe I would actually bother to watch the dub (even though it's so goddamn far behind).
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Re: To DBZ fans: Faulconer or no Faulconer
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The perfect cell theme says Faulconer is aight.


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