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Re: Education, Not Income, Predicted Trump's Victory
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Yeah, but as a simple buyer and holder for decades, when I finally wanted to sell off for retirement assurity, I had to face capital gains for just shifting Vanguard stocks to Vanguard bonds and CDs.  And trying to understand THOSE rules cost me $80K.

That doesn't seem right either.
Capital gains is a completely different animal from a transaction tax, though.

The transaction tax is generally very small individually, and only becomes large because of overall trade volume.

Belgium, for example, has a transaction tax of 0.27% with a cap of €1,600 per transaction -- hardly onerous, since €1,600 is 0.27% of nearly €600,000.  A €60,000 transaction would have a tax of €160; a €6,000 trade a tax of €16.  France, on the other hand, does a transaction tax of 0.2% on stock purchases of French publicly traded companies with a market value over €1 billion, presumably to not discourage investment in small cap companies.  I can't find any way to consider that a hefty burden.
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Re: Education, Not Income, Predicted Trump's Victory
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What can I say, I was just thinking outside the box...

If we could reduce gerrymandering, the voting box would work better...
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