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Macro-economic picture for the last 30 years ...
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Just facts ... not politics.  Basically, force the middle class into the lower class, then kill all the poor people ... next.

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Re: Macro-economic picture for the last 30 years ...
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Pretty good re-cap of the last 30 (& more) financial years, and I agree on him on populism and how, essentially, a populist was elected in the U.S.

So far, even though they gained quite a foot-hold, populist in Europe have not won the elections - the case for immigration is that they'll fill the widening gap in the work-force that is yet to come.

Also, in the comment section, I agree with on poster that he is wrong on the job creation part in the future, A.I. will and already has moved the workforce from simple jobs to machines. I don't know who said it before, but I really think that strong A.I. or A.G.I. will be humanities last invention, because they'll be doing the thinking for us once we have perfected the algorithms for A.I.

Instead of welfare state(s), have a basic universal income with no strings attached.

EDIT: a good TED interview with an A.I. expert about the issue:
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Re: Macro-economic picture for the last 30 years ...
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i don't object to taking care of people, I object to taking care of corporations and plutocrats.  But I am not liberal in that.  I simply don't trust any form of collectivism.

Populism gained in France and Netherlands and Spain this year, but not a knock out blow.  But Poland is clearly populist (at least anti Berlin) and Austria is moving in the same pro-Catholic direction.  If the globalists weren't such monsters, they might attract more bees, with honey, not vinegar.